WHITE OWL CRAFT BEERS – Arrived at Pune’s doors

I had my first sip of beer a very long time ago. And my first response was to spit it right out! I didn’t dare touch bottled beer for years after that until I chanced upon the world of crafts. One sip of the Apple cider at one of my fav places and I was sold!

There was no stopping after that. I went on to try crafts at lots of different breweries and always had the same conclusion – loved the ciders, still couldn’t stand the other variants. And then came the revelation – SPARK – the Belgian Wit from the White Owl range of beers. A beer so good I wish I had found it earlier.

Spark – Belgian Wit

White Owl Brewery is India’s first, unabashedly homegrown, premium craft beer brand. Inspired by an eclectic selection of old-world and new-age brewing styles, White Owl Brewery’s portfolio is extensive. Moreover, each variety of White Owl Beer is brewed in small batches under the leadership of a highly-experienced and internationally-trained brewing team and boasts crisp, complex flavors, distinct aromas, an alive, inviting appearance and smooth texture.

Diablo – Red Irish ale

The White Owl Brewery has already launch 3 variants from their extensive craft beer range, in our very own city.

ACE – French Apple Cider with Champagne bubbles

SPARK – Belgian Wit with delicate Citrus notes

DIABLO – Irish Red Ale with hints of Caramel & Roast

A lot of popular restaurants are serving them on tap right now including Boteco, Raasta Café, Prem’s etc. Very soon, you can expect Spark & Diablo to be sold in bottles across your favourite liquor stores. Imagine glugging your favourite craft while being plonked on your very own couch at home! Me likes that!

Bottled Crafts

My Beerathon at Boteco was accompanied by some speciality Brazilian food. The dish of the day was the tongue twister appetizer Pao de Queijo. These were baked traditional cheese breads and made for an excellent pairing with the beer.

Pao de Queijo

Also when at Boteco, you mustn’t miss their speciality grills. The veggies and meats are served alongside varied and excellent accompaniments.

Paneer from the charcoal grill

Coming back to the beers, over 70 restaurants in Pune and Mumbai are serving White Owl beers on tap. So there is absolutely no reason to not get drunk on these excellent crafts!

Diablo & Spark

Happy Drinking!!

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