Much to my happiness, Indigo Delicatessen has opened another branch closer to home in Koregaon Park, while the original one remains in Phoenix Market City.
If I have to describe the food at Indigo Delicatessen in a single sentence, I’d say this – rustic, wholesome and strikingly different. No other restaurant in the city can come close to Indigo’s style of food. You have to simply eat here to experience what I’m talking about.
The place is steep compared to Pune standards, but the quality of ingredients is top-notch. The chef Tushar Deshpande has trained at Le Cordon Bleu, London and also with several Michelin star awarded chefs. No wonder, his food he puts out speaks of his background.

Emmental Melt

If I were to recommend a fail – safe option to eat at Indigo Delicatessen, I’d say pick any sandwich/pizza and any dessert. Indigo Delicatessen excels at these. Their bread, their cheese and their toppings are fabulous whilst keeping the flavors mild, so that you can actually distinguish the natural flavors of each component. And do not miss their home-made ice-creams. They are spectacular with some really nice flavor options that you don’t get at other places easily.
So I began my lunch with a sampler portion of Curried lentil soup, served with Emmental melt. The soup was thick, with strong sweet and tangy notes. The Emmental melt was a perfect accompaniment. Owing to the choice of ingredients, it somewhat reminded me of a nice, piping hot sambar. A good choice on a rainy day, though it won’t be my top choice.

Curried Lentil Soup

The Kale salad came in next with green apple batons, dried cranberries, fennel, feta and candied walnut. The fruit and caramelised walnuts paired exceedingly well with the kale. I never knew I would enjoy a kale salad so much. #musttry

Kale Salad

I called for the Raspberry Cranberry Lime Tea which was quite refreshing, though it could have done with a slightly stronger flavor profile.

Raspberry, Cranberry & Lime Iced Tea

Indigo Delicatessen’s pizzas are a revelation. The base is wafer thin, the sauce is kept to a minimum and they aren’t smothered with processed cheese. Unlike regular pizzas, they are extremely light on the stomach and you can easily enjoy several slices. I tried the 3 peppers & 3 cheese pizza, and ended up eating 3 slices. #musttry

3 Pepper & 3 Cheese

The Spinach risotto with charred corn, caramelised onion, crumbled feta & spiced candied pecan was a decent attempt; but it didn’t make me happy the way a good risotto does. I think some cream and garlic/herbs/sun-dried tomatoes would really elevate the dish.

Spinach Risotto

The Lasagna of tomato, eggplant & scarmoza with Parmesan crust and basil pesto was very well made. I loved the crust on this one.

The Seared Mushroom Sandwich with Brie & caramelised onions on a crusty French bread was excellent. I loved the bread, the cheese, the mushrooms – and thus, everything about this sandwich. It comes with a side of salad and fries and can serve as lunch in itself.

Seared Mushroom Sandwich

And now to my favorite part of the meal – the desserts.
The Baked cheesecake at Indigo Delicatessen has always been a favourite. The excellent cheesecake is taken up several notches by the fabulous berry compote. If you love cheesecakes like I do, you must order one here. #musttry

Baked Cheesecake

The Lemon Meringue Pie was a beauty! A firm tart with lemon filling was topped with melt-in-the-mouth mini meringues. A good choice for those who love citrusy desserts.

Lemon Meringue Pie

And then for the winner dessert – The Whiskey Pate. The mousse is unbelievably smooth and slides down your throat effortlessly. And the amount of whiskey used to make this is insane. Every bite strongly reels of whiskey. Hands down, the best boozy dessert I’ve had. #musttry

Whiskey Pate

Indigo  Delicatessen makes some lovely in-house ice-creams. I had a scoop of an unforgettable Dulce de leche ice-cream. The White chocolate cherry ice-cream was an excellent concoction too, but my heart went out to the Dulce de leche.

Indigo’s In-house Ice creams

*Dulce de leche is a confection prepared by heating sweetened milk (or condensed milk) for hours at a stretch until it acquires a brownish colour and a heady toffee like flavor.
Overall Verdict – Indigo Delicatessen is an excellent choice for people with an evolved palate. Their offerings are rustic and gourmet at the same time. The food at Indigo has a personality of its own and will floor you away. Definitely a place I see myself going back to, time and again.

Happy Eating!
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*Disclaimer – This meal was hosted by the restaurant. A huge thank you to Carpe Diem, Chef Tushar and Team Indigo Delicatessen for hosting us.

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