TEA VILLA CAFÉ – A gem of a place

Only twice this entire year, have I had a flawless meal – where every dish turned out to be perfect and the Tea Villa Cafe is one of them.
Even before entering the place, it looks so vibrant and colourful; it literally beckons you in. They have semi-circular couple seats which I found absolutely adorable.

One look at the menu, and the name of the place is justified. They have a gargantuan tea menu, with some absolutely genius flavours.


All of the fruit teas were calling out to me, but my heart was set on the Berry Bunch. The tea was spectacular with a strong berry flavor onto a hibiscus base. What made it even more interesting was the way it was served – in a lovely glass kettle with an hourglass to assess the steeping time.

Despite calling themselves a tea centric café, you can easily have a full meal here. A lot of dishes are on offer – right from waffles, dimsums, fondues, bagels, sandwiches, fries, burgers, continental bakes, Asian mains, pastas, risottos, phew!
Before I forget to mention it, Tea Villa Café is a pure vegetarian place. Don’t roll your eyes already – there’s so much goodness in store!
To begin with, I called for the Schezwan Dimsums and was quite frankly skeptical about a casket of dimsums in a café. But boy, was I in for a surprise! The dumplings were spectacular with a melt-in-the-mouth covering and a spicy Sichuan sauce. Totally kickass!

Next in line was the cheese fondue. The hot, bubbly cheese has the perfect seasoning and several accompaniments to easily suffice for 4. Croutons, grilled baby potatoes, stir fried crunchy vegetables and a side of mushrooms and broccoli were served. While all the accompaniments were a big hit, the stir fried vegetables might not have been the best accompaniment. After all, who wants to dip a crunchy bell-pepper in cheese? The fondue was superlative and definitely gets my vote.

The Pune food scene has missed bagels for a long time now. So imagine my excitement when I saw a selection of bagels on the menu. I chose the Roasted vegetable cheese bagel and as luck might have it, it turned out to be exemplary. Stacks of roasted vegetables were arranges perfectly in a soft bagel with a lovely sauce. Every bite made me go yummm! The potato wedges served alongside were pretty darn amazing too – such few places get the perfect seasoning for wedges.

I’d heard a lot of good things about the waffles here and wanted to know what the fuss was all about. So placed my order for a quarter each of Chocolate loaded and Peanut butter waffles. Unlike light and airy waffles available at most places, the ones here were thick and cakey. I absolutely loved my Chocolate waffle, while the hubby devoured the peanut butter one.

The only problem was the sauce alongside. You see, they give you melted chocolate in a bowl without actually adding cream, thus the pure chocolate tends to harden after a few minutes. However the waffle already has enough sauce on top, so there’s hardly a need to use the sauce alongside. So all in all, I can ignore that glitch.

I left the place feeling thoroughly satisfied and pleased and surely intend to come back for more.

Happy Eating!
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*Disclaimer – This meal was hosted by the restaurant.

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