MINEORITY BY SABY – not just a meal, but an experience

In a sea of several regular restaurants serving the same old food, Mineority by Saby comes across as a breath of fresh air – both in terms of it’s concept and it’s food.


True to it’s name – Mineority has encompassed the mining community very strongly n it’s ambience and the menu. Right from canary cages, coal creatives, metal pulleys, hanging lights, life-sized portraits – everywhere you look, something new catches the eye. While the indoor seating is interesting enough, the rooftop is a dream. It’s the perfect casual, yet quirky place to enjoy a lovely dinner.



I absolutely loved the variety of signature cocktails they had on offer – very varying and interesting options to choose from. Also it’s one of those rare places that make their cocktails potent enough to get you tipsy in 1 drink (guilty:>). Another huge plus is that the cocktails are served in really generous portions – large enough to last through most of your meal. I had this gin based cocktail ‘Fireflies in the Abyss’ and would highly recommend it.

Fireflies in the Abyss


The food is a mix of several regional Indian & international dishes that are indigenous to the mining communities. This was such a refreshing change from the Italian / Continental / Pan-Asian restaurants that have become the norm. There are so many interesting options on the menu, that I’m gonna need a couple of visits to do justice to the place. For now, I’ll detail my very first experience at Mineority by Saby. Let’s get started on my top 5 picks here.

Kalimpong Chilli Cheese Rolls

MyPick#1 – If there’s one dish you cannot leave this place without, it’s the Kalimpong Chilli Cheese Rolls. These absolutely light and flaky spring rolls stuffed with spicy kalimpong cheese & hill coriander make for a delicious appetiser – definitely a crowd pleaser.

Laloo Aloo Samosa

MyPick#2 – Another interesting find was the Laloo Aloo Samosa. It’s a Bihari buckwheat samosa stuffed with green pea and potato filling, served alongside a bowl of ghugni – a lip-smacking kala chana chaat. Stellar dish for spic loving Indian taste-buds.

MyPick#3 -The Ethiopian Injera Roll turned out to a great pick. Kachumbar stuffed flatbread rolls topped with crunchy fried onions worked very well.

Latin Queso Fundido

MyPick#4 – The Latin Queso Fundido was a cheese fondue infused with plenty of mushrooms, served alongside tortilla chips. All cheese and mushroom lovers will definitely go gaga over this one.

Tres Leches Cake

MyPick#5 – The Tres Leches (3 milk cake) was light, moist and delicious.

Mineority serves a jar of jhaal moori to each table with their compliments. A simple dish, yet the mustard oil in it elevated the flavor so much, it would be hard not to munch on the entire jar.

Shoe Roll
Calcutta club chilli paneer

While the Shoe roll was a rather lacklustre preparation, the Calcutta club chilli paneer was a decent one. The Mountain Paneer was a rather interesting Assamese green paneer curry that went well with rice. It may not be a dish for all palates though.

Khao Suey

The Khao Suey made for a rather good-looking plate – albeit with flat noodles. It was a good one, but I’d loved a higher curry to noodle ratio.

Pasta Fungi Bake

The Pasta Fungi Bake was penne in an alfredo sauce with mushrooms. Overall, the vegetarian selection did see a lot of cheese and mushroom.

Miners Dark Devil Cake
Jurassic Cheesecake

Amongst the desserts, the Miners Dark Devil Cake had a lovely interplay of sweet and bitter notes.  I wasn’t a fan of the Jurassic Cheesecake though, which was too mild for me to register as a dessert.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable meal experience at Mineority by Saby and would highly recommend everyone to definitely visit at least once.

Happy Eating!
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