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Indigo opened it’s doors to Pune last year. Being a well-known Mumbai brand, the foodie world was pretty excited when it began it’s maiden Pune branch at the Phoenix Marketcity.

Even though I haven’t yet been to it’s restaurant, I did manage to try some of it’s goodies at the Pune Market hosted by Karen Anand.


What they had on offer were sandwiches, desserts and pizza. After a lot of debating between the Tiramisu and the Cheesecake, I chose the latter. And boy, I did well! What an incredible Cheesecake! And the compote that it was topped with – fresh strawberries marinated in it’s own juice.. slurp slurp!! I couldn’t taste even a hint of any artificial flavor in that lovely compote. The Cheesecake was baked, and had the perfect consistency – not too light, and not too dense. The flavor was such that I had to shut my eyes with each bite to savour it with all my senses. A definite winner!


My hungry stomach decided to call for a sandwich, even though they had just 2 vegetarian options. And yet, they mixed up my order. To be fair, they did offer to make me a fresh one, but I stuck to it nevertheless. This sandwich comprised of toasted French Baguette smothered with fresh pesto. Interspersed were slices of roasted bell pepper and tomatoes. This was topped with a generous helping of Boconcini and Chevre cheeses.

Overall, the sandwich had simple, clean flavours; but was dry to eat. They served a Thousand Island dip on the side as per my request, after which the sandwich tasted complete. Overall, a good fresh sandwich, but nothing exceptional.

IMG-20170228-WA0008 (2).jpg

Both the items were definitely made up of good quality and fresh ingredients, that was much obvious with each bite. They had kept very VFM prices at the pop-up, thereby costing me only INR 350 inclusive of both these items.

This experience definitely beckons me to visit their outlet and try out their other offerings. But their pricing has still kept me away. Keeping Puneri sensibilities in mind, I do feel they need to cut their prices by about 30 percent. But hey, that is my personal opinion.

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