When an established restaurant from Mumbai sets foot in Pune, the expectations are obviously high. And The Sassy Spoon delivers on all fronts – be it the uber cutesy decor, the excellent drinks , the warm hospitality or the delicious food.

Sassy has both indoors as well as alfresco seating. We choose to sit indoors since it was a summer evening. As soon as you walk in, the Volksvagen bar catches your attention. That is my favourite part of the restaurant decor. The indoor seating is fairly huge, with quirky chairs all over the place. Onto your left, you can see a huge wall-mounted library with a winding staircase. Pretty impressive! The decor at Sassy Spoon is very well thought of. It looks like a perfect place to chill with your girl gang. A special shout out to the pretty paisley chairs.

So getting down to the main business – what did I eat?

First up, I called for the ‘Spiked Very Berry Khatta‘ (390++). The drink is described as fresh mulberries muddled with oranges, with a hint of grapes and Kala khatta. However to me, it tasted like an excellent version of good old Kala khatta. It is spiked with vodka/rum (your call) and is served alongside more syrup in a shot glass to make sure your drink tastes as good until the end. This was one of the tastiest drinks I’ve had in recent times.

Spiked Berry Khatta

The other cocktail I had was the ‘Raspberry Shortcake‘ (490++). It was a potent concoction of Vanilla vodka, Raspberry puree, amaretto and hazelnut. This was again a well made drink which falls right into the category of ‘dessert drinks’.

I also stole a few sips from other cocktails – Morning Brew, Spiked Soul and the Fresh Berry Sangria; all of them were very well-made.

Next up were the appetisers.


Bruschetta of Smoked eggplant, Crispy chickpeas and Fried onions (285++) – In a world of Bruschettas topped with tomatoes, cheese and herbs; seeing this one on the menu was a very refreshing change. This dish had a lovely flavour from the eggplant and an excellent crunch of fried onions and chickpeas. Recommended dish.

Creamy Mushroom Fricassee stuffed Brioche, Tomato basil sauce (285++) – This was by far the most delicious appetiser I had this year. Mini buns are scooped out and stuffed with buttery mushrooms cooked to such tenderness, that they literally melt in your mouth. This dish is served with a smear of salsa so tart and flavorful; it cuts through the buttery flavours of the mushrooms very well. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, you must not miss this dish at Sassy.

Deep fried Sweet Corn, Soy chili dip (285++) – Imagine all the flavors of sweet corn soup packed into something that can be nibbled on. This dish was just that. A good option for sweet corn lovers.

Next up were the Salads.

Raw Mango & Papaya with bell peppers, arugula and bean sprouts, salted peanuts, fried onions and sweet chili drizzle (265++) – This was a fresh salad with julienne of raw mango and papaya and crunch from the peanuts and fried onions.

Pearly Barley salad with toasted almonds, apple, pomegranate seeds and smoked scarmoza (265++) –  This salad had subtle flavours of barley, with pops of flavor from the apple and pomegranate.

Pearl Barley Salad

Frankly I found both these salads decent, but not unmissable.

Time for the main course. With so many interesting and varied options, it was extremely hard for us to select the mains. But what we did end up having turned out excellent.

Spaghetti with Lemon beurre noisette, Parmesan and Roasted almonds (425++) – This was spaghetti cooked perfectly al dente with hints of lemon (very subtle), grated parmesan and loads of crunchy almond bits. Loved this dish. Extremely light and flavourful.

Spaghetti with Lemon Beurre

Baked Lasagna of Creamed leeks, Mushrooms & Sweet potatoes, Cheddar (425++) – This was an excellent lasagna, unlike any I’ve eaten before. The mushrooms especially, lended an excellent earthy flavor to the dish.

Baked Lasagna of Creamed leeks, Mushroom, Sweet potatoes

And, it’s Dessert time.

Sassy Stacks (240++) – This is described as Rachel’s twist on red velvet served with a cappuccino foam and raspberry caviar. So 3 Red velvet squares were served along with a cup of cappuccino foam. It was a good dessert with the bitter foam cutting through the sweetness of red velvet. Also it makes for an excellent picture!

Sticky Toffee Pudding (240++) – Date & Toffee pudding with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream and candied ginger. Now this was an excellent dessert with a date sponge bathed in plenty of liquid toffee. The candied ginger bits elevated the flavours to a whole new level. This was undoubtedly the best dessert here.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Basil & Pine nut Ice cream with EVOO (90++) – The 3 unlikeliest ingredients made up this ice cream, all resulting in a smooth and creamy concoction. Try this ice-cream to experience the richness and subtle flavours that Olive oil can bring. Recommended.

So ‘Sassy Spoon’ has a sister outlet that goes by the name of ‘Sassy Teaspoon‘. They have plenty of desserts to choose from, along with a lovely variety of bread placed beautifully onto a stand.

I tried the ‘Sour Cherry Cheesecake‘ here which was quite well done. The tart cherries went beautifully with the rich cheesecake.

And a Salted Caramel Macaroon – Now this was my major disappointment at the Sassy Teaspoon. This macaroon was wrong on all levels – the hard shell, the chewy filling. Ugh… give this a miss. There is plenty of other good stuff to try.


So …the verdict?

Sassy spoon is a lovely place for a date night or brunching/lunching/drinking with your girlfriends. All their cocktails are great – extremely potent, flavorful and served in good quantities. I , for one, do look forward to many more meals here.

A big shout out to Shivangi from Carpe Diem and the team at The Sassy Spoon for hosting us.

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