THE VIGOUR KART – A story of Healthy Indulgence

India celebrates food! Whether it be festivals, weddings or social gatherings, there’s piles of food everywhere. Plus, we are a carb loving nation. And Khaane ke baad ‘meetha’ toh banta hi hai 🙂

With so much deliciousness around, how does one eat healthy? And of course, taste takes topmost precedence. So the bigger question is, how does one eat healthy that is also tasty? Especially if you have the quintessential ‘sweet tooth’? This is where Fedora Fernandes comes to your rescue with her health food brand ‘The Vigour Kart’. She makes lots of great products and delivers them at your doorstep.

A Plethora of Puddings

So whether you are looking to eat better, are intolerant to gluten, are vegan or just want to indulge in some heavenly bowls without the guilt; The Vigour Kart is your rescue wand. All their stuff is dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and loaded with clean ingredients. I for one, am someone who doesn’t care two dimes about eating healthy. All I look for is yumminess on my plate. But Fedora made sure that I ate clean and nutritious food, without even realising that what I am eating is so so healthy too 🙂

Mind you guys, everything is made fresh at Vigour Kart, so you must order atleast a day  in advance. You can check out their entire menu on Zomato and place an order on 8007414448.

So here goes my experience here.

Mango Smoothie – The smoothie by itself was nice and fresh, but what added the magic touch was the smattering of cranberries atop. They imparted a crunchy, tarty flavour and elevated the otherwise average pudding. Though Fedora did manage to hide the flavour of banana in this! This one is priced at Rs 250 for a 500 ml bowl.

Mango Smoothie

Rose Chia Latte Pudding – I loved this. So different, so refreshing! Black tea extract was mixed with coconut milk and chia seeds and topped with Rose petals. The Rose petals imparted an excellent flavour and aroma to this preparation. But beware, this one is only for experimental palates. People who like to stick to conventional flavours should probably avoid this one. This one is priced at Rs 350 for a 500 ml bowl.

Rose Chia Latte

Raw Cocoa pudding – This is the stuff of dreams. Sinful, yet so healthy. The perfect chocolate dessert by all means. Rich, decadent and with the added crunch of almonds. This one is priced at Rs 300 for a 500 ml bowl.

Raw Cocoa Pudding

Pomegranate Chia Pudding – This was a mix of coconut milk and pomegranate seeds. Compared to the rest of the offerings, this one was just meh. A bit too flat for me. Although Fedora claims it to be one of her best-selling offerings, so you could give it a try. This one is priced at Rs 250 for a 500 ml bowl.

Pomegranate Chia Pudding

Almond & Chocolate Butters –  These beauties are such a rare find in Pune! They are rich almond based butters sweetened with honey/maple syrup. These are not smooth like conventional butters, but have a grainy texture. The Chocolate butter will sure give Nutella a backseat since it’s equally tasty, yet healthy. The plain almond butter though failed to impress me. I would have so preferred a herby one, as opposed to a sweet one. But hey, Fedora is planning to make that one soon. The butters are priced at Rs 200 for 150 ml.

Almond and Cocoa Butters

Chocolate Brownie – Never expected a flour less, sugar free Brownie to taste this good.. This one is loaded with nuts and is a great way to eat dessert without those guilt pangs. Priced at Rs 250 for a pack of 4 pieces, this one is surely a steal!

Chocolate Brownie

Cranberry Ice-cream – This was the star dish of the evening for me. Full of tart cranberries, this one had an excellent flavor. Loved every spoonful of the cranberry ice cream. And again, this was dairy free and sugar free too. It is priced at Rs 250 for a 250 ml tub.

Cranberry Ice cream

And that ladies and gentlemen, was the end of  my only guilt-free tasting till date!

Vigour Kart has some excellent monthly subscription plans wherein you have the option of choosing 3 bowls a week or 6 bowls a week depending upon your preference. Fedora makes sure that you get to eat different flavours the entire month.

I’d like to sum this up by saying that most of the offerings from The Vigour Kart are gold, while a few items can be improved upon. So if you wish to make a lifestyle change for the better, whilst still being kind to your tongue, you know who to call!

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