BUBBLE RUSH – Get Your Bubble Tea NOW!

Finally, Punekars can get their fix of Bubble tea.. Yayie!

BUBBLE RUSH is a new baby located on MG road in the Subway lane. It is a 2 levelled outlet with a few stools at the ground level and tables upstairs. It’s a smallish fun place with lots of colours everywhere; the most striking of which come from the bowls full of different coloured bubbles laid out at the serving counter.

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere..

So yeh Bubble tea hai kya?

Basically Bubble tea originated in Taiwan. Today it is made with wide variations all over the world. True to it’s name, a bubble tea is made up of 2 major components – green/black tea and bubbles in various mind-blowing flavors. At Bubble Rush, they make it in 2 variants – milk based and fruit based. The flavors are aplenty in each category.

Flavors Aplenty

So while the milk lovers can choose from Honeydew, Coconut, Butterscotch and more; the fruit lovers (like me) can opt for refreshing ones like Mango, Kiwi, Pink guava,Lemon, Orange etc. Each tea usually comes pre-matched with 2 flavors of bubbles, but the guys here are open to letting you choose your own. Plus point!

After taking an enormous amount of time on choosing my flavor, I chose the Honeydew and the Pink Guava.

The HONEYDEW was a milk based bubble tea priced at Rs 90 and I chose the Kiwi and Strawberry bubbles with this. Though I found the drink by itself quite decent, it was the bubbles that added that special touch. They started popping on my tongue with a burst of refreshment; and took the drink to a whole new level! Loved those bubbles 🙂

Honeydew Bubble Tea

The PINK GUAVA was obviously a fruit based bubble tea priced at Rs 80. Now this one was epic! The perfect pink guava flavour was interspersed with refreshing bubbles of Cherry and Lychee. Total love! Highly recommended.

Pink Guava Bubble Tea

OVERALL EXPERIENCE – I loved the bubble concept. Though I must say, I’m much more strongly inclined to the refreshingly citrusey fruit teas, as opposed to the milder milk ones. The Mango and Lemon are on my future wish list. Looking forward to many more rounds of Bubble tea here.

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Happy Summers!

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