K FACTORY – A good hangout place.

When a gang of us 6 friends decided to catch up on the other side of town, K Factory was the first place that popped in my mind. We took an upstairs table on a Sunday night.

K Factory has 2 seating options – ground level for teetotallers and the first floor for the alcohol seekers. As expected,the place was quite full, but we did manage to get a table easily.

CARROT + PUMPKIN + PARSLEY + GARLIC CROSTINI (INR 130)- Since I had no intention to drink that night, I called for this particular soup. It was a nice, soothing preparation; but it could have done with a little more seasoning.

Pumpkin, carrot & Parsley soup

FETA MOUSSE FLATBREAD (INR 175) – Flatbreads are a specialty of The K Factory and usually feature on each table. Since I’m in love with all things feta, I called for the ‘Feta Mousse Flatbread’. This one had onions, tomatoes, sweet corn and mozzarella, topped with dollops of feta mousse. This was a good dish at a VFM price, but again needed to be seasoned better. Something was missing here. Recommended.

Feta Mousse Flatbread

SMOKED & STUFFED BUTTON MUSHROOMS + COTTAGE CHEESE BHURJI + MIRCHI THECHA (INR 165) – This was the dish of the day for me. The mushrooms were well seasoned and well grilled. Tasty stuff this! Highly recommended.

Smoked Mushrooms

CHARCOAL SMOKED BBQ COTTAGE CHEESE + TOMATOES+ PEPPERS (INR 165) – This was your regular Paneer Tikka. Nothing to rave about, nothing to complain about either.

BBQ Cottage Cheese

HASSELBACK POTATOES (INR 185) – We ordered two variants in the hasselback potatoes. The peppers+paprika puree+ BBQ sauce+cheese was just a huge blob of a strongly tomato based puree atop a baked potato. I had expected a Hasselback potato to be nicely grilled with a crisp texture; but unfortunately, all we got was a steamed potato cut hasselback style with that blob of a puree. Disappointed.

Hasselback Potatoes

The 2nd variant of HP had cottage cheese+spices+onions+tomatoes+peppers+cheese. This one too had nothing going for it. And I must point out, I couldn’t notice a shred of cheese on either of the 2 inspite of it being mentioned on the menu.

Hasselback Potatoes

COTTAGE CHEESE TIKKA LASAGNA (INR 210) – This comprised of layers of lasagna sheets interspersing with panner tikka in a makhni gravy. Great idea, decent execution. Would have preferred a spicier version. Recommended.

Cottage Cheese Tikka Lasagna

KADHAI VEGETABLES (INR 210) – This was your regular Veg Kadhai served with a buttered naan. Even though I did not try it personally, my friends described it as standard fare.

Veg Kadhai

FARFALLE TOSSED IN WHITE SAUCE (INR 200) – Great quantity, saucy the way I like it and well seasoned – this was a good plate of pasta. Enjoyed it. Highly Recommended.


PAAN & GULKAND ICECREAM (INR 90) – This was a paan infused ice cream topped with  gulkand, rose syrup and sprinkles. As with all paan ice creams, this was good. But the addition of rose syrup and gulkand rendered it sweeter than I would have liked.

Paan & Gulkand Icecream

DARK CHOCOLATE & ESPRESSO (INR 90) – Freshly brewed espresso ice cream infused with dark chocolate, served with crunchy honey comb. Now this one was impressive. I’m a huge fan of espresso ice creams and that honeycomb imparted a lovely crunch. Highly recommended.

Dark Chocolate & Espresso

FRUIT BERRY SMOOTHIE (INR 110) – I was pretty excited for this one. But unfortunately, instead of making it with a yogurt base (as a smoothie should be), this one was made of milk (which is actually a fruit punch). Contrary to it’s name, they used bottled strawberry crush to make it. Pathetic! I sent this one back.

FIZZY LEMONADE (INR 65) – Finally I had something decent to drink. The correct amount of salty, sweet and sour, this one made for a refreshing choice. Recommended.

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My Verdict – K Factory is a good VFM place for a gang to hang out. The total food only bill for 6 of us was INR 2400. With alcohol though, it shot to 6.5 k. They do have a full bar, and good music playing in the background. But if you, like me, are a discerning foodie, the experience is a mixed one. Some of the food was quite good, but they definitely need to work on a couple of dishes.

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