MASALA PUNJAB DA – Get your desi food delivered

There are days when you don’t want to cook, stay in your PJ’s & order takeaway without making a colossal dent in your pocket. That is day you call ‘Masala Punjab Da’ for delivering no-fuss desi Punjabi food at your doorstep.

Masala Punjab Da is a delivery-only kitchen operating from Vimannagar. The menu comprises of all desi staples like Paneer in umpteen forms, tikkas, kebabs, vegetarian and non-vegetarian gravies, parathas, a bit of Chinese thrown in and staple rice items.


For those lone individuals looking for a full meal, they provide well proportioned meal boxes at a VFM price of Rs 149/- only.

I ordered from this place for a get-together of 5 people and here is how the food fared:

Dal Makhani Box (Rs 149) – This arrived in a well packaged spill-proof compartmentalized plate, and consisted on dal makhani, steamed rice and a gulab-jamun. The Dal makhani was yummy, albeit on the sweeter side. It is not that subtle, creamy dal, but a masaledar tadka maar ke Punjabi dal. In spite of not being authentic in the true sense, this preparation was very tasty and relished by all. Recommended.

Dal Makhani Box

Paneer Chilly Box (Rs 149) – This meal comprised of 4 tall pieces of Paneer chilly, Veg Schezwan rice and Schezwan sauce. This too came in re-heatable spill-proof packaging. The components had perfect desified Chinese flavors and ended up being my fav item of the total order. The portion sizes of both the boxes were enough to fill up one individual with moderate appetite. Highly Recommended.

Paneer Chilly Box

Paneer Cheese Seekh Kabab (Rs 220) – This was the only disappointment of the total experience. The kebabs were overtly sweet. No one wants an appetizer to be sweet. Plus, that quantity at this price point wasn’t justified at all.

Paneer Cheese Seekh Kebab

Aloo Cheese Paratha (Rs 75) – The long travel from Viman Nagar to Wanowrie expectedly messed this one up. The flavours were decent though. But I wouldn’t recommend ever ordering parathas for delivery. Some things are meant to be enjoyed from the pan to the plate only.

Paneer Biryani (Rs 155) – The quantity of this one was huge enough to fill up 2 people. Served with a side of Koshimbir, the biryani was flavorful, neither dry nor moist and had the perfect proportion of rice to veggies & paneer. Highly Recommended.

Paneer Biryani

Their menu also has a huge list of non-vegetarian items, which I didn’t try, obviously. They have partnered with Zomato to carry out their deliveries. I wish Zomato would stop putting so much tape on each box. Peeling it off left me exasperated.

Overall, the delivery experience was smooth and the packaging spill-proof. In spite of the long travel, my food was hottish. The rates are very VFM and the flavours will appeal to the entire family. It is the perfect option for those desi hunger pangs! And your wallet will thank you for it.

Happy Ordering!!

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