TJ’s Brew Works – The Health wave is catching on!

TJ’s Brew Works located at Amanora Mall, is one of Pune’s first microbreweries. Currently TJ’s has completed 5 years of successful operation and is all set to surprise it’s patron with an all-new healthier range of foods.

The Brews in the making

They’ve also redone their interiors and the new ambience is fresh and vibrant. It’s a huge space and you can choose to sit either outdoors or indoors, as you fancy. Just the ambience is enough to start you off to a lovely evening here.

TJ Venkateshwaran, fondly known as TJ, founder of TJ’s Brew Works has partnered with Girish Monie over a shared philosophy to introducing healthier eating options.

Girish in the kitchen and TJ in the brewery, TJ’s Brew Works is all set to bring in a new era with a new look, new brews, new menu and a new vibe as it turns five.


What impressed me the most was that Girish himself has toiled with the chefs on a daily basis over a period of 6 months in order to make sure the newly launched dishes are super healthy, yet super tasty. All his hard work paid off in the form of 2 new specialty menus ‘Nudo’ & ‘Spent Grain’.

Now what is this Spent Grain Menu?

During the making of beer, once the liquid is extracted from the grain; it leaves behind a lot of residue which is very healthy, super rich in protein, fiber content and a lot of macronutrients. This spent grain is otherwise wasted or used as fodder. But Girish came up with this awesome idea of using all the spent grain to create tasty, yet healthy dishes. And I must add, his efforts have indeed paid off very well.

Let me take you through the dishes I tried from the Spent Grain menu.


Trust me blindly, and order this one at TJ’s. Thick, creamy, flavorful – this was so good. The toasty mushroom flavours in a creamy, rich base made for a killer combination. The thought of it is making me drool still!

Mushroom Thyme Soup


This was an attempt at a healthy spin to Pelmeni, which is a native Russian dish. Being deep-fried, I feel that takes away the health bit from it. Filled with Ricotta and spinach, I found this dish too bland for my palate.

Spent Grain Pelmeni


This was a firecracker dish. The cheesy spinach spread was very flavourful and the spent grain toast further enhanced it. Definitely recommended.

Spinach & Cheese on Spent grain toast



The best part about these mini burgers was that the size of the patty was perfectly proportioned to the bread, unlike most places where the patty is always smaller or thinner than necessary. Made with cottage cheese and beans, I found them quite tasty. Another must order dish here at TJ’s.

Cottage Cheese Sliders


And the all new NUDO MENU..

Speaking on Nudo Pizza, Girish Monie says, “NUDO lies skin deep. Nudo is a way of life imbibed into a culinary innovation. It roots for foods with innate goodness, stripped of any artificiality whatsoever. We have foregone grains in a bid to make it completely Gluten-Free. Nudo is all about Whole Foods, Real Foods, Super Foods.”


This comprised of greens in a vinaegrette dressing. Even though high on freshness of ingredients, I found this salad wanting in the flavor department.

Nudo Garden Salad

Pizza is the most comforting of all foods, and yet one of the unhealthiest. But TJ’s Brew Works has solved this problem by introducing Gluten Free, Grain Free and Guilt-Free Pizzas.

Almond, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth, Waterchestnut, Cauliflower and Whey Protein.
These are not just Superfoods, but also make the base of some top notch pizzas.
TJ’s Brew Works has launched an all new menu by marrying delicious flavors with healthy ingredients that are good for you. The wheat from the pizza has totally been kicked out!
Named ‘Nudo Pizzas’, there are 5 different base options :
1. Almond
2. Buckwheat
3. Quinoa
4. Amaranth & Waterchestnut
5. Cauliflower and Whey Protein.

These are paired with 3 different sauces – Classic Marinara, Pinenut Pesto and Roasted Garlic. You get to combine any crust with any toppings – ain’t that great?

What you get is a healthy, gluten free pizza that is packed with nutrients and tastes way better than your regular pizzas.

I was lucky enough to get to try all 5 vegetarian variants.

NUDE FARM VEG – Zucchini, bell peppers, olives and broccoli with a classic tomato Marinara sauce.

Nudo Farm Veg

CHEESY FOURSOME – Made with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar and Feta.

Cheesy Foursome

AU NATUREL – Artichokes, peppers,eggplant, almond & pine nut with basil green Pesto.

Au Naturel

NOT GUILTY – Assorted vegetables on a roasted garlic sauce.

NUDO MARGHERITA – Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan & Basil on a classic Marinara.

Nudo Margherita

Trust me, you could never tell that these are healthy pizzas – they tasted so damn good! Each of the bases and the topping combinations had a distinct flavor profile and I’m hard-pressed to choose a favorite.

But favourites I have – the Amaranth and Quinoa bases were my favourites. As far as toppings are concerned, the Nudo Farm veg and the Cheesy Foursome were spectacular.

The pricing is INR 900 for the ‘Almond’ and “Cauliflower whey protein’ crusts and INR 700 for the remaining three crusts.

I’d say give your regular fast food pizza a miss someday and try these soul satisfying Nudo Pizzas at TJ’s.

TJ’s has launched 2 new brews to it’s list – TJ’s Quin B and TJ’s Buck B, made from super seeds Quinoa and Buckwheat respectively. I had never imagined beer made from any of these ingredients, but here it is!

TJ’s Quin B is a refreshing, pale yellow, full-bodied beer with a balanced roasted quinoa and hops aroma and TJ’s Buck B is a hazy yellow lager with a pronounced nutty, biscuit flavor and a dense, long-lasting head. I personally preferred the Quin B.


Moving on to the Desserts, I tried the SPENT GRANOLA BAR & VEGAN MASALA CHAI PANACOTTA. While I found the panacotta too lacking in richness and flavours, The Granola bar was better. But yet, both these things do not qualify as dessert for me. Dessert must be sweet, rich and sinful, something that these were not. However, they definitely score full marks as far as health is concerned. All those who are watching their diet can eat these desserts guilt free.

Spent Granola Bar & Masala Chai Panacotta

OVERALL VERDICT – You have to try their Nudo pizzas. They are packed with flavour as well as nutrients. The Spent grain menu is definitely a healthier twist to your regular refined flour stuff.

Handcrafted brews and plenty of great food – without the guilt!

Happy Eating!!

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*Disclaimer – This meal was hosted by the restaurant. A huge thank you to Svetlana, Girish and the TJ’s Brew Works team for the same.

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