ARTHUR’S THEME – a timeless classic

Arthur’s theme has always been one of my favourite places to dine. It has been the venue for many a dates in the past. I was quite elated to be invited for a meal here coz of all the nostalgia. So there we were; me and the husband, at their Balewadi High Street outlet on a Thursday night.

First Look

Arthur’s theme serves French centric European cuisine. So you can expect plenty of rich, cheesy fare. This restaurant has been very popular for deriving all it’s dishes names from historical personalities – a fact that would make me grin 5 years ago, and even today! It’s gonna take you a while to choose between Rosa and Czar or Markus & Windsor – quite fun actually! Love that quirky little menu.

Fell in love with that lantern

Arthur’s Theme has a very dainty ambience, which I instantly fell in love with. The paisley chairs especially were uber cute. The soft beige furnishings, the chic lanterns and the cutesy napkin holders instantly render a Parisian café-ish feel to the place. All I can say is, full marks to the ambience. The entire theme is very soft and pleasing to the eye.

Pretty looking tables

The one complaint I have is they do not have an extensive bar menu. Of course, all your basic cocktail and liquor needs will be taken care of. But I would have liked to see a more creative spin to the drinks. We called for a Peach margarita and a Berry martini. Both the drinks were quite passable. And they did make the blunder of serving martini in a margarita glass. That isn’t something I expect from a place of this caliber.

The Drinks

Arthur’s Theme always serves a bread basket with mini butters to all of its customers. Those buns are always fresh, warm and quite delicious.

Mini Buns

We started off with ATLAS (INR 220) – crisp toasties topped with garlic infused black olive pate and cream cheese. If you love olives, like I do, this dish is smashing. A very sharply flavored pate atop a crisp toastie is a rare find and I enjoyed eating this. However, it’s not a preparation for all palates.


JOIE (INR 230) – The star of the evening. I can’t praise this dish enough! It comprised of cottage cheese & mushrooms tossed in a spicy garlic sauce. There was an overdose of garlic (which I’m crazy for) and the chunks of paneer and mushrooms were juicy! Please order this dish on my recommendation – it’s magic.


Next up were the salads. The GREEK SALAD (INR 220) was very well dressed, with fresh romaine, cherry tomatoes, gherkins and olives tossed in vinaigrette; and the generous portion of feta made it very, very yummy.

Greek Salad

The QUINOA SALAD (INR 220) was a revelation! Never expected Quinoa to taste so good. With gherkins, tomatoes, pickled onions and a minty dressing – this one had the perfect balance of flavors. It’s a rare scenario where I enjoy a non-fat dressed salad and this one I loved. It’s the perfect salad for a light lunch.

Quinoa Salad

PHILIP (INR 320) – a creamy quinoa risotto cooked with mushrooms & bell peppers in a herbed cheese sauce. It was an extremely creamy concoction that went very well with the toasty mushrooms and the grilled bell-peppers. Don’t miss out on ordering this particular dish.



JULIEN (INR 320) – This was a crisp wafer like crepe stuffed with mushrooms and topped with mushroom sauce. While the crepe itself was good, the mushroom sauce was spectacular!


PAUL(INR 320) – This one was a classic soft crepe stuffed with smoked gouda and vegetables in a pesto sauce. It was a good preparation with mild flavors; though I would pick the JULIEN over PAUL.


The only disappointments in the entire meal were the desserts. The Banoffee pie lacked the richness that comes from a nice toffee sauce and I even found the banana slices to be over ripe/mushy. Didn’t enjoy this even though I’m a huge Banoffee fan. The Dark Chocolate Ball, though high in drama, lacked flavor.

Banoffee Tart
The Chocolate Ball after being massacred

Overall Verdict:
The food at Arthur’s Theme is delicious, varied and definitely worth trying out. For the quality and quantity they provide, the place is very value-for-money. The desserts I tried were lack-lustre and do need to be worked upon.

Happy Eating!
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*Disclaimer – This meal was hosted by the restaurant. A huge thank you to Devendra Mali, Mr Prabhjyot Gujral and the entire team at Arthur’s Theme for the same.

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