EURISKA – Not just Parties, good Food too.

With it’s white and blue understated decor, Euriska is one of the most preferred party destinations in Pune. It’s famed especially for their Techno Sundays. Initially they served a limited menu specialising primarily in Greek cuisine. Now to add to these happening nights, Euriska has crafted a whole new global food menu. I had the pleasure of visiting this place for dinner on a Sunday night and what a pleasant one it was!


We started off with 2 of their signature cocktails – ‘Tokyo Midtown’ and ‘3 by the Sea’. Tokyo Midtown was a concoction of melon, vodka, apple juice and lime. Whereas 3 by the Sea was made up of Jim Beam bourbon, Martini Blanco and Kahlua stirred together. While Tokyo Midtown came in a pretty looking ceramic kettle amidst lots of liquid nitrogen; the simpler looking 3 by the Sea appealed to my palate much more.

Tokyo Midtown
3 by the Sea

The Roasted Tomato soup with lemongrass and basil oil was fabulous – the lemongrass really packed a punch. Some people might find this one a tad too salty, but I loved it.

Roasted Tomato soup

The Onion Rings were crisp and paired very well with the chutney mayo. I’d definitely recommend that everyone order the Onion Rings at Euriska. They are topped with peri peri dust which makes the dish all the more delicious.

The Harissa tossed baby potatoes came with a surprise pairing of kokum chutney. And yet, together they worked like magic.

Harissa tossed baby potatoes

The Charmoula tossed cottage cheese cubes were a disappointment and the Corn Arancini was shy of seasoning.

Charmoula tossed cottage cheese
Corn Arancini

But the appetiser for the night was the Broccoli and Emmental tartlets. Crisp, cheesy and well seasoned – these were truly fabulous.

I hate watermelons! And I never eat them in any form.
But that changed when I tried the lovely Two Melon Salad at Euriska.
Fresh bite sized pieces of muskmelon and watermelon made for a heavenly match with the nutty arugula leaves. The other elements that made up this salad were onion rings, lettuce and basil leaves with some crumbled feta. Everything blended beautifully into a fresh & light salad.

Two Melon Salad

For mains, I had the Spinach and feta ravioli in a Puttanesca sauce with tea soaked raisins. While the pasta itself was good, the raisins did not appeal to me.

Spinach and feta ravioli

The Veg Tagine with lemony couscous was again unsuited to my palate. I’m not in favour of dishes with a strong tomato base.

Veg Tagine with lemony couscous

The desserts at Euriska stole the show! I tried the Passion fruit and Raspberry sorbets and both of them were excellent – tart, fresh with a burst of flavours in each spoonful. And a diametrically opposite dessert – the Flourless Chocolate Fudge was gooey, somewhat bitter and took you to a trip to heaven with each bite. The pairing with Bailey’s ice cream only made it better. Absolutely cracking desserts – all of these.

Flourless Chocolate Fudge

Happy Eating!
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