THIS DELI – a breath of fresh air in Salunkhe Vihar

This.Deli is a a brand new place at Salunkhe Vihar serving a delightful mix of Indian and Global dishes. Compared to all other places in the neighbourhood, This.Deli has a very varied menu with lots to choose for all palates. From breakfast to a full meal, the deli serves it all. Done up in a mix of white and brown tones, the place has a pleasant, casual vibe. I must mention that the prices are very pocket-friendly and the portion size quite generous.


So what should you order at This.Deli?

First up, order the Carrot & Beetroot tikkis.
The flavour of both the core elements, the carrots and beetroots shines through the tikkis. Add the lovely spicy punch from the accompanying ‘thecha’ mayonnaise and there you have an excellent appetiser. BTW these are heavy enough for a complete meal for a single person.

Carrot & Beetroot tikkis

The mushroom lovers can call out for the Stuffed Mushroom with Sweet Chili sauce. Albeit a little under-seasoned, these were pretty good to munch on.

Stuffed Mushroom with Sweet Chili sauce

The warm Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad didn’t work because they skimped on the broccoli big time and well, who likes cauliflower?

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

Move on to the Mushroom & Jalapeno Pesto pizza – it made for a really good one. The combination of mushrooms and pesto worked well.

Mushroom & Jalapeno Pesto pizza

The Baked Vegetable Lasagna though can be skipped – it was way too saucy and didn’t impress. I could only see the lasagna sheets, sauce and cheese – there was absolutely no substance that a good dose of a base vegetable (such as mushroom or spinach) can impart.

Baked Vegetable Lasagna

Whatever else you eat, leave some space for their star dish – the Palak Dal Khichdi with Manchurian. It was the bestest darn Dal Khichdi I ever had.
Yup, a lot of places make pretty good Dal Khichdi, but none other combines it with a serving of Manchurian. And that Manchurian sauce was singing with strong flavours of ginger and garlic. I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed this dish.

Palak Dal Khichdi with Manchurian

Now that we’ve established what to eat, how do we wash it all down?

The Apple Pie Shake and the Hazelnut Chocolate shake with caramelised Banana; both disappointed in terms of looks as well as flavour. Skip these and instead try their Classic Cold Coffee which is pretty good.

Apple Pie Shake

The dessert selection is surprisingly slim with just 2 options (both of them crepes). They definitely need to add a couple of more options here. I had the crepes with banana, nutella and whipped cream. In spite of the crepes being a tad too thick, the combination worked well and we polished off the whole plate in minutes.

Crepes with Banana, Nutella and Whipped cream

Overall, This.Deli is a good place to catch up with friends over coffee or have a meal. I for one, am definitely going back for more Dal Khichdi.

Happy Eating!
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