Krusty’s has launched a brand new outlet at the World Trade Centre, Kharadi. Even though I’ve had pizzas delivered from Krusty’s earlier, this was my first visit for a dine-in.

What I loved best about the food here is that they do not shy away from using strong flavors – whether it be loads of garlic, piri piri or siracha; all the dishes were flavor packed – as opposed to certain places that serve extremely mild (read bland) food that does not sit well with my palate.

Here is a gist of what I tried:

  1. Roasted pumpkin soup with Garlic chips, Feta mousse, Basil oil & Curry oil – Stellar dish. The feta mousse blended beautifully well with the smooth pumpkin puree. The garlic chips took the dish to a whole new level. This was certainly one of the best soups I had this year.
  1. Veg salad with Pickled vegetables, Balsamic jelly, Roasted peanuts, Romaine lettuce, Rocket leaves and Ginger sesame vinaigrette – I’m partial to salads with fatty dressings, so this one didn’t sit particularly well with me. Though I must make a special mention of the balsamic jelly cubes, which were a citrusy burst of flavors on to your tongue.img_20161228_203613
  1. Crumb -fried Ravioli with tomato basil sauce, melted cheese drizzle – Lovely balance of cheesiness and tartness. Total comfort food. However it leaves an oily aftertaste that makes it imperative to wash it down with a drink. A recommended dish here.img_20161228_203956
  1. Mocktails – I tried the Muddled orange mocktail and the Basil Orange mocktail – The Basil Orange was average, but the Muddled Orange was very refreshing.
  1. Pan-fried Herb Gnocchi with Mushroom Shallot sauce – Superb preparation. The gnocchi had a lovely bite and the mushroom cream sauce was lip-smacking. This dish will be on my order on every visit.img_20161228_212702_hdr
  1. Penne with Burnt Garlic and Basil Parmesan cream sauce – Again a very good preparation, but the Gnocchi wins hands down.img_20161228_213101_hdr
  1. Pizza with Italian Bocconcini, salsa verde, confit garlic and tomato and black olives – Good stuff. Thin crust, sufficient toppings, but could have done with some more cheese. Not remarkable, but no complaints either.
  1. Tiramisu – One can’t go wrong with Tiramisu. As expected, it had the perfect coffee flavor along with a desirable lightness to it. A recommended dessert at Krusty’s.
  1. 55 % Belgian chocolate fudge, cream cheese top hat, vanilla ice cream – This was basically a blondie, with a layer of baked cream cheese and was oozing with thick chocolate ganache. Again a good dish, but not spectacular. I would have preferred the blondie as is, without the ganache, which was a tad too sweet for my likingimg_20161228_220650_hdr

Overall, Krusty’s fared very well, with most of the dishes being brilliantly executed. The interiors were pleasant and the service attentive.
The dishes are priced inclusive of the VAT, so you know exactly what you are paying for each item. I honestly believe all restaurants should start adopting this practice.

Disclaimer –  I was hosted by the restaurant, but the integrity of my review remains unfazed.

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