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When you want to sample the most expansive buffet in town, you head straight to the Coriander Kitchen. Situated in the absolutely stunning property Conrad, from the Hilton group, Coriander kitchen is a visual treat. It has both indoors as well as alfresco seating with a very pleasant view of a huge water body.

The décor is futuristic and elegant (especially the chandeliers), with the buffet counters spreading out expansively. Beautiful purple tumblers adorn the mahogany tables. The service is extremely attentive and quick, as expected from a star rated dine-in. Our plates were promptly cleared and cutlery was being replenished before we even had a chance to ask. Full marks for the décor, the service, and the expansiveness of the menu.

But do not expect to be blown away by the food. Some dishes were truly spectacular, some were average, whereas some were downright bad – a mixed bag. As long as you are not extremely fussy about everything on your plate, Coriander Kitchen is a great choice, especially for lunch. At 1240 per pax for lunch inclusive of all taxes, the price tag is justified for the sheer variety they have on offer.
So we began our food escapade at the chaat counter – with panipuri and dahipuri, both of which were served at our table by the server. The panipuri was so yum that I had 5 to 6 puris at a go, something which I regretted bitterly later, given the number of other dishes available.

The hot starters were served at our table too – Paneer tikka and Baby corn fritters. Both these dishes tasted quite regular.
We hit the salad counter next. While I stuck to the pre-plated Caesar salad and Chickpea salad, the hubby chose to make his own salad. Yup, there’s this huge counter with several tender veggies and a couple of dressings, wherein you can curate your own salad. The Caesar salad was the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had loads of Caesars) comprised entirely of mushrooms, broccoli and cherry tomatoes served on a base of lettuce. Another different offering was the Heart of Palm salad which was totally unsuitable for my palate. The Beetroot, carrot and cucumber salad topped with almonds made for a pretty picture.

Coriander Kitchen has live counters for pizza and pasta where you can customize your dish. We made a half and half pizza with assorted toppings on 1 half and classic margherita on the other half. The pizza was well baked and decent to taste. At the pasta counter, we chose to go for penne in pink sauce. This dish was a disaster. The pasta was under-cooked and the sauce was absolutely tasteless. There was no creaminess or richness to the sauce. Frankly, even small VFM outlets serve better pasta than this one.

One of the most innovative dishes at the buffet was the Asian broth counter. So they have 2 broths – vegetarian and chicken; along with a huge assortment of vegetables to choose from. You add vegetables of your choice to a bowl along with noodles (if you wish). The chef then blanches these vegetables and pours the broth over them. The resultant noodle vegetable soup is absolutely delectable. The flavors in the broth are bang on!

The Asian counter included dishes such as Thai green curry, stir fried vegetables, a tofu preparation and flat noodles. The Thai curry was decent, whereas the noodles were dry and rubbery. The biggest issue here was that all the Asian dishes were stone cold.

The Continental counter had preparations such as Vegetarian Florentine, Grilled potatoes, Grilled vegetables and a few others.
The Lebanese spread had Hummus, Babaganoush, Yougurt dip and pickled vegetables. For the first time in our lives, we ate hot fluffy pita bread freshly made and served right onto our plate.
Another different counter was ‘Make your own Crepe’ which my hubby enjoyed, however I did not sample this.

The Indian counter had 4 vegetable preparations (Paneer, Kofta, Panchmel, Saag), Biryani and Panchmel dal. Of these, I tried the Biryani and the Saag. Both were absolutely delicious. Apart from these, there were assorted Raitas, Papads, Soups and Indian breads.

And now, we move on to the huge dessert section. The ones we tried were:
Blueberry mousse – I fell in love with this dainty looking dessert the moment I laid my eyes on it. However the flavor was very ordinary. I was expecting a tart flavor from the blueberries which was missing.

Sugar free panacotta – This panacotta was set within the bowl, and topped with fresh strawberries and kiwi. This dessert tasted fresh, and derived its sweetness solely from the fresh fruit.
Baked blueberry yogurt – The yogurt was good, but the blueberry topping lent an overpowering sweetness to the dish.
Blueberry cheesecake – I guess blueberry was the flavor of the day. This was by far, one of the best blueberry cheesecakes I’ve had. It was dense, creamy and sinful.
Other desserts that we did not sample included the Fresh fruit cake, Chocolate apricot pastry, Chocolate pudding, Red Velvet cake, Apple Strudel, Butterscotch pastry, Dudhi halwa, Dryfruit barfi, fresh cut pineapples and kiwis, and phew, a few others. All in all, the dessert spread was huge.

There were live counters for waffles and pancakes. We couldn’t manage to try these. Also the famous Ice-cream pinwheel was present in all its glory. Housing approximately 15 – 16 flavors, the ice-cream wheel was a visual treat. However we skipped these ice-creams and instead called for their special Filter coffee ice-cream with milk foam. Sprinkled with coffee powder, this one had a lovely strong coffee flavor. It made for the perfect ending to our meal.

My take – If you aren’t too critical of the nuances of food you eat, you will have a gala time at Coriander Kitchen. However, if you have a discerning palate, you may experience a mixed bag of emotions. I do recommend that everyone try a meal at Coriander Kitchen at least once; in order to experience their hospitality and 100+ dishes, not to mention the huge dessert section.
Happy eating folks!

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